Srtm2Osm mod-version for SRTM3_v3.0


Srtm2Osm v1.12 uses SRTM v2.1. But, this modified version uses SRTM v3.0. Srtm2Osm v1.12 has the option specify the server path, but file layout is different between v2.1 and v3.0, so you can use this modified version for SRTM v3.0.

The important difference between v2.1 and v3.0 is existence of void data. v3.0 doesn't have void. (ref. The article in OpenStreetMap wiki)

This modified version is based r30619, svn repository. This modified version can treat only SRTMGL3 (3 arc second), can't treat SRTMGL1 (1 arc second).

Usage and Licence

Same as original Srtm2Osm v1.12. I do not claim copyright to the modified difference. For developpers, zip includes the source code patch, v30.patch.


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Release date 2014-12-07
File size 403,046 bytes
MD5 24D372A94E0BA025FFAFF7299D0882D9